Passerelle Partners offers an advisory platform to explore and execute premium financed strategies for your largest and most valued domestic and international clients. We work with you, the advisor, to consult with your clients on the design, structure, placement, and management of a premium financed life insurance solution.

Market Experience. We are a boutique insurance advisory firm with a focus on premium financed life insurance. Our team has closed over $10bn of life insurance coverage and manages over $3.5bn in committed loan facilities. Our expertise in staging large premium financed portfolios for both domestic and international clients is unique and integral when placing complex structures.

Case Design. Case design is the foundation of a well laid plan, whether the premium is financed or paid-out-of-pocket. Managing the proper expectations with an accurate and conservative model is paramount. Our team will help ensure each case is structured with optimal efficiency and the highest probability of long-term success..

Credit Solutions. Our access and relationships with lenders deliver preferred pricing to your client and ensures the entire market is being evaluated when considering lending partners. We know the appropriate loan structures and available terms given each client’s unique situation and planning goals.

Service & Management. Our renewal process monitors the credit facility for good standing, provides accurate and timely communication to the client, and offers performance tracking. Our culture and commitment is forward looking, and we will provide resources and expertise as markets and clients’ needs evolve.